Article on the 1927 Installation of Rabbi Chaim Fishel Epstein as Rabbi of Kneseth Israel Congregation

March 1927



The seven-day jubilee which marks the installation of Rabbi Chaim Fischel Epstein, Chief Rabbi of Orthodox Jewry in the Central states, began last night at Kenseth Israel Congregation, Rockdale and Washington avenues, Avondale.

Rabbi Epstein is a man of interesting history. Although he has been in this country but a short time, he is recognized as one of the most learned rabbis in Orthodox Jewry. He was born in 1874, at Taurgen, Konvo Cubernia, and was ordained as a rabbi at the age of 16.

During the World War he held many positions until he was called as the Chief Rabbi of Esthonia. During his short stay there the degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred on him by the University of Dorpay, where he was a lecturer.

In addition to the rabbis whose names have been announced previously, two others- Rabbi S. Katz, of Indianapolis, and Rabbi Shnuel Aaron Halelvy Pardes of Poldand, will attend the celebration. Rabbi Pardes has made a special trip from Europe to greet Rabbi Epstein in the name of Polish Jews. 

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