Articles Regarding the Founding of the VAAD Ho'ier of Cincinnati, Ohio (The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Greater Cincinnati) - 1931


From the Cincinnati Enquirer, May 2, 1931.

The following congregations have approved the formation of a Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Greater Cincinnati, a “Vaad Ho’er”; The Tiferes Zion Congregation, Burnet Avenue; Tiferes Israel Congregation, Alms Place; Beth Tifyla Synagogue, Eighth and Mound Streets; B’nai Israel, Rockdale and Washington Avenues; Avondale Synagogue, Lexington and Reading Road: Kneseth Israel Congregation, Rockdale and Washington Avendues; B’nai Jacob Congregation, Hale Avenue; Price Hill Synagogue, St. Lawrence Avenue; Ohavey Sholam, Richmond and Mound Streets; Yad Charutzim, Clinton Street, and Beth Hamdedrash Hagoodal, Harvey Avenue. 

The object of this organization is to supervise all matters pertaining to the orthodox Jewish community of Cincinnati and to further the cause of orthodox Judaism. Delegates to these congregations have been appointed and have had several preliminary meetings and elected the following officers: President M. Siegel; Secretary, Abraham Friedman. 

Rabbi L. Silver, Springfield, Mass., who is the President of the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of the United States and Canada, will address several meetings in Cincinnati today and tomorrow. 


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