Vaad Hoier of Cincinnati Rules for Passover - 1974


Rabbi Zelig Sharfstein Passover 5734 - 1974 
Passover 5734 occurs on Saturday night April 6, 1974 
1) The Fast of the First Born and the Siyum to absolve them from fasting will take place on Thursday, April 4. 

2) The search for chometz should take place on Thursday evening April 4 after 8:35 P.M. 

3) The latest time you may sell your chometz and burn the chometz found in the search is Friday 12:00 Noon.

4) Due to the many complications arising with Shabbos being Erev Pesach, it is advisable that your home should be completely Pesachdige for this Shabbos. You may wash, make Hamoti and Bentsh over egg matzos both for the evening and morning meals. However, egg matzos may be eaten only till 10:50 A.M., Saturday morning, April 6. During Pesach egg matzos may be eaten only by the sick and elderly who cannot eat regular matzos. 

5) After your morning meal Kol Chamiro, usually recited at the burning of chometz, is recited. 

6) All preparations for the Seder should be made on Friday or after 8:45 P.M., Saturday night. 

7) Pesach is over Sunday night April 14 at 9:00

8) No Kosher for Passover cakes are baked in Cincinnati. 

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