O.K. Shopping Checks for Israel (Issued by Overseas Distributors Exchange, Inc.) - Belonging to Rabbi Eliezer Silver


Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1702


Eretz Yisroel (The Land of Israel)

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection, Rabbi Jacob Lustig Collection

Starting in the 1940s, there were five companies that sold dollar certificates for redemption in Israel as follows : American Eretz-Israel Corporation - AMEIC, Overseas Distributors Exchange, Inc.,
Script to Israel, Service for Israel, and Sova Israel Stores.  This allowed Americans to send American Dollar denominated gift certificates to Israel, which allowed the recipient to use the gift certificate in the company’s stores in Israel and purchase items “ration-free”. 
From 1949 to 1959, the state of Israel was, to a varying extent, under a regime of austerity, during which rationing and similar measures were enforced.  At first this rationing was set for staple foods alone — oil, sugar and margarine, for instance — but it was later expanded to furniture and footwear.  Each month, each citizen would get food coupons worth 6 Israeli shekels, and each family was allotted a given amount of foodstuffs. The diet chosen, fashioned after that used in the United Kingdom during World War II, allowed a meager 1,600 calories a day for Israeli citizens, with additional calories for children, the elderly, and pregnant women.
In 1952, four of the companies that sold American Dollar denominated gift certificates merged.


"O.K" Shopping Check for Israel

Overseas Distributors Exchange IND 120 Liberty St. New York 6, NY

Date: June 25, 1954
Recipient: Rabbi Eliezer Silver


Sender Rabbi Eliezer Silver
696 Glenwood Ave.
Cincinnati,, Ohio

This shopping check authorizes the beneficiary to receive goods at one of our stores in Israel, to his own selection.

Honored only when presented with distributors duplicate.


Identification ard No 
CONDITIONS Overseas Distributors Exchange too., New York 6, N. Y. assumes full responsibility for the redemption of this shopping check according to conditions as stated below. Beneficiary must identify himself, presenting his identification Papers. If redeemed by a trustee of the beneficiary, the trustee most present together with the shopping check the identification papers of the beneficiary. This shopping-check is not transferable and must be redeemed 90 days from of issue. After that date this check shall become void and we shall refund to the sender against presentation of this check the amount paid, deducting 20% to cover our administrative expenses. 
The signature of the beneficiary or his trustee shall be considered as a final and legal receipt. This shopping-check is a gift and the recipient is not permitted to pay to the sender directly or indirectly any consideration therefor. 
The sale of this check is not subject to cancellation. 
We shall not bet held responsible for delays in delivery of goods if suds are the results of strikes, war, riots or any other circumstances beyond Our control. 
The goods obtainable against this check are not subject to any restriction and do not require surrender of ration coupons. 
The sender confirms that he has read the above terms and accepted them.

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Rabbi Eliezer Silver

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