Rabbi Eliezer Silver's Supervision of the Manischewitz Company's Passover Kashruth

In a traditional ceremony observed prior to Passover, Rabbi Eliezer Silver is shown presenting to Bernard Manischewitz, president of the firm, the '"Hechsher" (Certificate of Kashruth) attesting to the fact that all Manischewitz matzo bakeries, the Manischewitz winery and all food processing plants of B. Manischewitz Co. are operated in strict and devoted conformity with the most stringent requirements of kashruth. Other members of the Manischewitz Board of Rabbinical Supervision are (l. to r.): Rabbi Isaac Halevi Siegal; Rabbi Naftoli H. J. Riff, noted scholar and distinguished head of the Orthodox community of Camden, N. J., who recently became a member of the Board; and Rabbi Pinhas Gutman. Also in the picture are D. Beryl Manischewitz, chairman of the-board of The B. Manischewitz Company., and William B. Manischewitz, treasurer.

From the Detroit Jewish News, April 5, 1957

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