Proclamation of "Isur" on Gelatine, Junket, Rennet and Kojel by Rabbi Eliezer Silver - September 1951

September 12 1951

With the help of the Almighty
To all Rabbis and Observers of Kashrus
I HEREWITH proclaim the ISUR on the products known as "Gelatine", "Junk-et", "Rennet" and "Kojel". This I do:
1. After having determined that the above mentioned products are derived from the skins or bones of Traifa and Neveila cattle and from skins or bones of swine.
2. After a Ch'kiro uD'risho and basing my conclusions on the following great authorities; (a) Rambam 4:18 of Maacholos Asuros (b) Raved on Toras Kohanim (c) Meiri (d) Ramban Magid Mishneh (e) Ginas Vraidim 2:16 (f) Chikrai Lev 1:107 (g) Chailek Binyomin 31 (h) Imrai Binoh (i) Bais Ho-etzor 1:136 (j) Rim on Yorah Daiah 7 (k) Or Someach (l) Tzofnas Paneach (m) Botai K'nosios 16 (n) Korban Elitzur 168 (o) Chelkat Yoev 11 and other authorities.
3. After having submitted my studies on the subject in the form of Sheilos u'tshuvos to a large number of contemporary learned rabbis and having obtained already t'shuvos and haskomos (concurrence) from the following;
Rabbi Zelig Reuven Bengis (aurthor of L'Flagos Reuven), Jeru-salem; Raved ChareidimRabbinate of Jerusalem; Rabbi D. Yungreis, Jerusalem; Rabbi Akivo Safer, Jerusalem; (formerly Chief Rabbi of Pressburg); Rabbi Chevroni of Yeshivo Chevron; the Gerrer of Jerusalem; the rabbis Yeshivo Bais Joseph, Tel Aviv; Rabbi Blum-enfeld, Tel Aviv; Rabbi Aaron Kotler; Rabbi Yehuda Gershuni; Rab-bi M. Savitzky; Rabbi Forshleger, Baltimore; Rabbi I Dusowitz; Rabbi M. P. Teitz; Rabbi N. Perlow; Rabbi Ch. Bick; Rabbi J. Safsel; Rabbi Joseph Thumim, Detroit; Rabbi A. Yoles; Rabbi J. Mcskin; Rabbi H. Papkin; Rabbi A. Trop; Rabbi Ch. Stern; Rabbi M. Gifter and others.
It is my hope that before Yom HaDin, correction will be made. With best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year, I am, Rabbi Eliezer Silver, Cincinnati, Ohio, September 12

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